20-24 Jun 2022 Paris & Orsay (France)

Transportation to the dorms and to the conference venues

Participants who have booked accommodation with us will stay at the FIAP Jean Monnet located close to Denfert-Rochereau subway station (the exact address is 30 Rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris). Click here for a detailed itinerary to walk from Denfert-Rochereau to the FIAP Jean Monnet. Please be aware that check-in time is 2.30 pm. You'll be able to leave your luggage at the residence if you arrive earlier, but they probably won't be able to grant you access to your room before 2.30.

Since the organizers are not allowed to cover participants' transportation passes, we do strongly recommend you, upon arrival in Denfert-Rochereau, to buy a weekly pass covering zones 1-5 for the period June 20-26 (weekly passes are always from Monday to Sunday, for the price of 22,80€), either by loading it on your phone (see here for a detailed explanation of the procedure) or by buying a Navigo Découverte Pass (price: 5€) and loading the weekly fare onto your Navigo pass. Please be aware that you will need to carry with you a small picture of yours and put it on your Navigo Découverte pass. By buying such a weekly pass, you'll be able to use any means of transportation in the Paris' region during the week of the conference (it will be necessary to use the suburban trains to commute to both conference sites); it will also allow you to travel back to the airport until Sunday June, 26 without you having to buy any additional ticket.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION : On June, 18 & 19, there will be works on the tracks affecting train trips from CDG Airport. NO TRAINS WILL OPERATE FROM CDG Airport to the city center directly. Substitution buses (Line 1 & 1 bis) will bring you from CDG airport to MITRY-CLAYE train station where you'll be able to catch RER B trains towards Paris calling at Denfert-Rochereau.

Agents should be available both in the airport (close to its train stations) and at Mitry-Claye station to guide customers.

From Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport by public transportation:

  • If you arrive on June, 18 or June, 19, follow the signs "Trains" or "Paris by train" and look for agents who will be available on and around the two airport stations (CDG Terminals 1&3 or CDG Terminal 2 - TGV). They will help you to get to the shuttle buses 1 or 1bis headed to MITRY-CLAYE train station (the ride is short). Once in Mitry-Claye train station, you'll be able to buy tickets to Paris and board any RER B train headed to Paris ; check with agents at the station that the train you will catch calls indeed at Denfert-Rochereau station in Paris, next to which the conference center is located.
  • If you arrive on another date, follow the signs "Trains" or "Paris by train" once you have left the baggage claim. There are two train stations in Paris-CDG : Aéroport CDG Terminals 1&3 and Aéroport CDG Terminal 2 - TGV Station. In both stations you'll find automated kiosks to buy tickets to Paris (the price is 10,30€). From both those stations (depending on your arrival terminal), all line B ("RER B") trains headed to Paris will call at Denfert-Rochereau. Count 45 minutes for the trip.
  • If you choose the option to take a cab, please be advised that taxi lines may be extremely long due to the works on the train tracks - the rides are also quite expensive and only official taxis should be trusted, after checking they apply the official rates. Apps like Uber, FreeNow, Bolt or Wheely are possible alternatives.

From Paris-Orly (ORY) airport by bus:

Look for signs to the bus stops of the ORLYBUS (it has two departure stops in Orly, one for terminals 1-2-3 and one for terminal 4, ticket booths are available at both stops, for the price of 9,50€ - in the ORLYBUS contactless payment by credit card is accepted). The ORLYBUS is a direct service from Paris-Orly to Denfert-Rochereau, its final stop. Count 30 minutes for the trip, a little less or a little more depending on the traffic.

It is also possible, if you have a sufficiently recent phone, to load tickets on your phone (see here for a detailed explanation of the procedure).

Information about travelling to the conference venues

On Monday June, 20th and Tuesday June, 21st, talks (and lunches) will be held at the Institut de Mathématiques d'Orsay of the Université Paris-Saclay. To get there, take a south bound "RER B" train with final destination either Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse or Orsay-Ville and get off at Orsay-Ville station. At peak hours, you'll find such a train every 10 minutes - every 15 minutes at "off-peak" hours. Count a 25 minutes train ride, but be aware that it might take more (problems are frequent on this line). Once at Orsay-Ville train station, a 5-minutes walk will take you to the Institute (see here for a map).

From Wednesday June, 22nd to Friday June, 24th, talks will be held at the Département de Mathématiques et Applications of the École Normale Supérieure. The precise venue of the conference for those days is the Salle Jaurès located 24, rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris, in one of the most beautiful areas of the city. To get there, take any northbound "RER B" train (the opposite direction to the one you will have taken to get to Orsay!) and get off at the first stop, Luxembourg (the ride is about two minutes). Once at Luxembourg train station, you can follow the itinerary given here to get to the conference site.

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